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Flooding has always been a major challenge in the lives of the people of Asia. The loss in property and business are truly devastating to the region’s economy. Worse than that, loss of lives have become tragically a part of the sad stories told after each flood. But now, the ending of these stories can be changed. Flood Control Asia RS provides state-of-the-art flood control systems that can protect properties, business, and most importantly, save lives...

Welcome to
Flood Control Asia RS

Flood Control Asia RS was established in the Philippines through the initiative of RS Stepanek KG - Germany's premier flood control systems company.

Our flood prevention products are designed and fabricated to exceptionally high standards, that provide reliable flood protection for your home, office, or factory. Our flood barriers can protect your properties from damages caused by floods, by providing the right flood solution for your needs.

Our Flood Management Consultants have helped thousands of people in planning and implementing bespoke solutions on how to prevent floods. Over 65,000 flood barrier units are already installed for more than 10,000 satisfied customers.

Where We Are Good At

Our flood control products are used in residences, industrial buildings, commercial establishments, and government offices worldwide in 27 countries.

Flood Control Asia - Industrial Infrastructures

To ensure that there'd be “No Production Interruption”, Flood Control Asia RS provides absolute flood protection to factories, assembly plants, and other manufacturing facilities.

Flood Control Asia - Commercial Buildings

“Business as Usual” is guaranteed as long as your commercial establishments like shops, restaurants, malls, and hotels are flood protected with RS flood barriers.

Flood Control Asia - Government Facilities

How to give non-stop public service? Make sure that the government facilities are protected from flood first.

Flood Control Asia - Residential Applications

Keeping your home free from flood water is keeping your family safe and dry!

What Our Customers are Saying

flood control asia rs - Industrial Technical Director

Gloria Chua

Business Woman
Cabanatuan City

I tried searching for flood defenses and I found out that there is Flood Control Asia RS, a German technology, European brand, and thinking that it has a better quality, we decided to contact FCA… My husband said, It’s better to have German technology because it has better quality.

flood control asia rs - residential home owner

Jemma Sarol-Semaña, FUAP, AA

Cagayan De Oro City

I was amazed by the design of RS Demountable Flood Barriers. At first, I thought that the product will destroy the aesthetic design and the floors of the hotel. But when I saw the installation, I was surprised that it looks very neat, and did not destroy our tiles. And the materials are very rigid and heavy duty. I’m happy to have this product to one of my client buildings.

flood control asia rs - supermarket manager

Christian Peñaranda

Malolos, Bulacan

We decided to visit the company’s office in Clark and we were amazed with the different types of floodgates. The team showed how the RS flood barriers work in protecting the assets that you worked hard for. I feel relieved now because we know that our house is protected against flood even if we’re in Manila, and away from home.

flood control asia rs - school teacher

Beth Alacar

Homeowner/Marketing Manager
Quezon City

For me it always speaks of how professional the people will handle the particular product and the services that they offer and we felt that it’s very credible because it’s German technology so we might as well go for it.

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