3rd Quarter Asia Weather Recap (2021) – How Has Asia’s Condition Been?

6 days ago
Andreas Klippe

Since the start of 2021, natural disasters have struck Asia, affecting thousands of people through damages and casualties. This was…

Editorial—Allocating Calamity Funds for Flood Protection of Philippine Critical Infrastructure

How safe is the Philippine critical infrastructure? Is it always prepared to stand against calamities like floods?In an interview with…

3 weeks ago

Winter Flooding Should Not be Underestimated

We usually hear of summer storms during half of the year. However, are they the only ones that can cause…

4 weeks ago

A Modern Way to Prevent Basement Flooding

Has your basement at home ever been flooded? Let’s say it hasn't. But do you know that basements are susceptible…

1 month ago

Editorial – Enacting a Flood Code could Save 100 million Filipinos

Floods and fires are both headaches in the Philippines.

1 month ago