The Guide to Backflow Prevention

Andreas Klippe no responses July 30, 2020

Backflow prevention is important, especially when your home is at risk! It is often overlooked when floods are discussed. Without knowing the truth, I would understand why. Once the water starts rising up to your knees, all floods look the same. Everything is mixed together and you can never tell where the waters are coming from.


Backflow is sewage runoff returning to wreak havoc indoors. It reenters the home and becomes the start of indoor flooding endangering valuable property. Backflow prevention is a key aspect of flood protection but it can be done very simply.

What causes the problem?

Water levels itself naturally.

So, when waters are higher outside of your home, the laws of physics dictate that flood water needs to push itself back to your bathroom or kitchen.

You should know that the water reentering your plumbing is already the collective wastewater in your area. Your drains will also be clogged until the flood subsides. Pumping water out without stopping the entry of water will only cycle the flood.

house flooded
Whether or not you have a basement, floods will force itself into your home as it levels itself.

Your indoor plumbing is not built for the volume of outdoor floods. More so for the pressure they can exert on sewer systems. Floods can overwhelm your pipes resulting in pipe bursts and sewage water expelled violently inside your home.

Sewage water seep through burst pipes. Eventually, it will start or aggravate damage to your home. Meanwhile, water slowly draining on soil can cause land subsidence eroding the structural foundations of your building.

Backflows can lead to sickness or worse, widespread outbreaks and death. That’s why authorities express the need for practical solutions like backflow valves.

Backflow Prevention Devices are the solution

Your first thought should always be “do it right from the start”. Get proper engineering solutions. Let experts provide you the insight and accurate information that will help you design around the problems or change the environment to better suit your needs.

flood control drain plug
When choosing backflow valves and drain plugs, take those that are made of high-quality materials, for example designed and made in Germany.

Backflow prevention products like backflow valves and drain plugs are specifically designed to safeguard against backflows. Backflow valves allow for the one-way passage of liquids. Choose durable backflow valves made from ABS plastic. These last a lifetime and are resistant against corrosive liquids.

Total Flood Protection Starts Now

Start your journey to flood-proof living through backflow prevention. All it takes is simple preparation and decisive action. Ask a flood expert about viable backflow prevention options for your home or your building. Have flood engineers study and assess the flooding situation in your home or business and have them recommend the right flood control solutions.

family house with flood protection and drain plugs install
Backflow prevention will help your family be protected against flood-borne diseases.

Don’t let filthy sewage water flood your home! Keep your home and your health safe from the risks of floods caused by backflows.

Stay safe and stay flood free!

Andreas Klippe

About author

Andreas Klippe is founder of the Asian Center for Flood Control located in Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines.

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