Flood Protection Products and Installations

Here are some of our 11,000 satisfied customers and more than 65,000 installed systems.

Our flood barrier products and defenses are used in private households, industrial buildings, commercial establishments, and government offices worldwide in 34 countries on 4 continents.

Flood Control Asia RS Corporation envisions to become Asia’s leading flood solution system technology provider. It aspires to replicate here in Asia, its success in Germany and in other countries in Europe, and also in the US, and in Canada.

Flood Control Asia RS Installed

How to Protect Car Dealerships from Flood?

Royce Motor Center, Inc., a car dealership in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines, gets total flood protection via RS Demountable Barriers.

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Flood Control Asia RS Ms. Gloria Chua installing flood control barrier

How to Create a Flood-Free Home?

A residence in Cabanatuan City experiences flooding and turns to flood specialists for help.

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Flood Control Asia RS 1A express hotel flood barriers

Keeping Hotels in the Orient Safe from Flood

Through RS Demountable Flood Barriers, 1A Express Hotel got total flood protection that it has never enjoyed before.

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RS Demountable Barrier Assemble

CILA’s Office Finally Becomes Flood-Free

Clark Investors and Locators Association finally became flood-free through RS Demountable Flood Barriers.

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Protecting Academic Institutions from the Dangers of Flooding

A success story of flood protection in Ireland shows that schools must be protected from natural calamities.

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Flood-Free Airports Spell Success for the Whole Country

Nairobi made a difference in the lives of its people when it decided to protect is airport from flooding.

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Excellent Flood Protection Allows Uninterrupted Public Service

Utility services sites must always be protected from flood, since people depend on these for their daily lives.

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Protect Communities from Storm Surges through Glass Floodwalls

Wells-next-the-Sea’s flood control system proves that flood protection and tourism preservation can go hand-in-hand.

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Flood Barriers Defend Historical Towns from a Destructive Surge

The people of King’s Lynn, a medieval-style town in England, can sleep without worries as their community is protected by tried-and-tested flood barriers.

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Keep Tunnels Flood-Free via Demountable Flood Barriers

Tunnels, which are known as places of lowest elevation, can also be flood-free with the right technology.

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flood protected wellness center toscana perimeter

Wellness Centers Deserve Total Flood Protection

Toscana’s Wellness Center relied on flood barriers for protection. It’s wellness service just got better!

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