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Metal Barrier and drain plugs

Flood Barriers’ Secrets Uncovered

Metal Barrier and drain plugsWe’ve been promoting (aggressively!) Flood Control Asia RS (FCA) and its flood barriers. Needless to say, we won’t do such if we’re not convinced that these flood barriers will work. Once more, we are opening this technology to all who are seeking for long-time solutions to flooding!However, some of our patrons are asking if we’ve revealed everything we know about flood control. To those who raised that question, it’s timely to ask since we are now introducing two of our “secret weapons”.We brand them as secret weapons because they work without you noticing them. Mind you, they come with our usual flood barriers; yet, no one has ever given them special attention!982

Climate Change earth, sun clouds and heat

The Earth In Focus

The cost of climate change is rising and its consequences are increasingly threatening to our planet. Here’s a look at how global warming changes everything.WATCH: An in depth look on the effects of climate change and what is in store for us in the years to come.

Protected Home from flood

Things You Should Consider Before Installing Flood Protection

Flooding is the nation’s number one natural disaster, and it can occur inland, along the coast, and across every region of the country. Even though you may think your place has no risk of flooding, the reality is that anywhere it rains, it can flood.Protected Home from floodProviding protection for your properties from floods is a good investment. It not only prevents damage but also protect the lives of your family and the workers in your place of business. Choosing the right flood protection is not as easy as choosing a furniture for your house. Here some guidelines to consider when choosing a flood protection system. 1293

Flood Barriers

Aftermath Typhooon Yolanda

Why residential flood barriers are a wise investment

Aftermath Typhooon Yolanda Aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda

Climate change has forever changed the world’s weather patterns. Category five typhoons and storm surges, which were once considered a rarity, are now becoming common place. As polar ice caps melt, the average monthly rainfall is expected to double and ocean levels can surge for up to 10 feet. For low-lying lands, this means none but frequent flooding.845

flood control barriers for industries

Ideal Flood Barriers for Industrial Areas

The weather system in the world has changed dramatically in the last century. Storms have become stronger than before and rainfall has always been in the extreme. Flash floods have become unpredictable, and everyone has to prepare for the worst.Super Typhoon Yolanda862

7 mind-blowing facts flooding

7 Facts You Think You Know About Flood

Being born and raised from a tropical country like the Philippines makes us used to flooding. By the time we’re 18, we think we already know everything about flood — its brown and murky color, its stench, and its devastating consequences.7 mind-blowing facts floodingEven Google doesn’t know everything about flooding. So while we’re still in a dry spell, sit back, scroll down, and discover whatever we need to know about flood.952

Metal Barrier and drain plugs

Flood Barriers’ Secrets Uncovered

Metal Barrier and drain plugsWe’ve been promoting (aggressively!) Flood Control Asia RS (FCA) and its flood barriers. Needless to say, we won’t do such if we’re not convinced that these flood barriers will work. Once more, we are opening this technology to all who are seeking for long-time solutions to flooding!However, some of our patrons are asking if we’ve revealed everything we know about flood control. To those who raised that question, it’s timely to ask since we are now introducing two of our “secret weapons”.We brand them as secret weapons because they work without you noticing them. Mind you, they come with our usual flood barriers; yet, no one has ever given them special attention!982

flood control barriers, notebook with a check mark.

A Noob’s Guide to Flood Control (5 THINGS TO KNOW!)

flood control barriers, notebook with a check mark.A 5-POINT GUIDE FOR FLOOD CONTROL NOOBS. While everyone is in a panic solving the perennial problem of flooding, take a look on these five things that can help you survive.More and more people are recognizing the truth of climate change. As a result, various government agencies are frantically searching for solutions to climate change and its offshoots, which includes flooding.However, conventional measures like construction of dikes and canals are not always effective. Developing countries are still finding it hard to establish long-time and reliable solutions to flooding.994

man thinking about flood

3 Things I Wish I Knew 5 Years Ago about Flood Control

Ten years ago, most of us see flood control measures as an issue in public infrastructure projects. Five years after that, almost nothing has changed — people still see flood solution as a responsibility of the government.While the said thought still holds a grain of truth in our present times, flood control is now becoming a personal matter. The reason behind this sudden paradigm shift is the increasing threat of climate change, which exempts no one from untoward thinking about floodThe image shows a thinking man, while his background shows a heavily-flooded street.With these thoughts in mind, let us recall three things we wish we knew five years ago about flood control. This list provides just a handful of realizations, so feel free to add more. 1011

Flood barrier failed to cover the flood

Top Ten Flood Barriers Mistakes

Building a home or a place of business is a life changing experience. Investing your hard earned money for the future. But what happens when the place you bought is prone to flooding? You either move to a higher place or build some sort of protection.Flood barrier failed to cover the floodShould you chose to stay, you plan what kind of protection is best for your place. You did your research and decided to purchase a flood control barrier. But some people think just because the flood control barriers are made of metal it can withstand any water pressure.Choosing a flood control metal barrier is not so easy. There are different thickness and composition of the metal barrier that will determine if it can withstand these incredible amounts of water pressure.To properly choose the right one, these are some of the most common flood barriers mistakes to avoid. 1112


Here’s how to protect cars, your most loved possessions

Vector borne diseases

Tips on keeping your car safe from flood damage

For people living in the typhoon belt, keeping dry is a challenge. Climate change have created more rains than before therefore more floodings. More homes and properties are more vulnerable to flood damage. Even cars are not spared.The car is the most vulnerable of your home property because it is used almost daily. How we keep it from flood damage? Here are some tips. 1155


UNMASKING the FCA Flood Barriers
What Makes FCA Flood Barriers the Best among the Rest

We know you’ve been following our exposés about Flood Control Asia RS (FCA) flood barriers since we first got in touch with you. But, we have to tell you something you haven’t heard from us yet.Everything we told you since our first exposé can be compared to pep talk. Chalk talk. Pure “cheerleading”.side_channels_middle_posts_compression_clamps_barriersCome to think of it, we discussed what floodwater pressure is, what anchor plates are, and how back braces work. We simply discussed components that other flood barriers do not have.At the end of the day, we haven’t told you anything crucial about the flood barriers.Now, for the first time, we will unmask the (REAL) flood barriers before you. We will show you what the flood barriers are made of, and what makes them the best among the rest. 1209

Protected Home from flood

Things You Should Consider Before Installing Flood Protection

Flooding is the nation’s number one natural disaster, and it can occur inland, along the coast, and across every region of the country. Even though you may think your place has no risk of flooding, the reality is that anywhere it rains, it can flood.Protected Home from floodProviding protection for your properties from floods is a good investment. It not only prevents damage but also protect the lives of your family and the workers in your place of business. Choosing the right flood protection is not as easy as choosing a furniture for your house. Here some guidelines to consider when choosing a flood protection system. 1293


Lessons on Flood Safety Learned from the Parisian Flood

What would be your reaction if you learned that the Leaning Tower of Pisa had been flooded?You’re probably not familiar with the Leaning Tower of Pisa so you the magnitude of it having flooded doesn’t sink in. What if, Rizal Park has been flooded? Will it be a shock for you?Paris_France_The_Eiffel_TowerThe flooding incident in Paris shocked the whole world. A city as sophisticated as Paris was flooded, and even centers of art were not spared.As a flood specialist, I’m always on the look for news about flooding incidents in various countries. I do it regularly to be kept abreast of global events that are connected to climate change.In my search for the latest news about flooding, my attention was drawn to this big story, err, flooding incident, in Paris, France. Let me share a bit about this Paris flooding incident, then let’s see what we can learn from it. 1304


Cheap Flood Protection Systems are More Expensive Than You Expected

The rainy season is almost over. Thankfully, there were no super storm that swept the country this year. Now is the time to plan ahead of the next rainy season.No one can predict what the next season will be. So it's time to invest some flood countermeasures to protect yourself and your properties.cheap_flood_barriers_expensiveYou surf the web to look for the cheapest one because that is the first thing you look for. You find that will fit your budget. The question is will that flood control barrier be able to withstand the floods? 1365

garage protected by rs flood barrier from flood

How can Expensive Flood Protection Systems Help you Save Money?

Can you really save on money when you spend a little more for that flood control barriers? Compare to the damages you might incurred when floodwaters hit your property, it’s just a drop in the bucket.

garage protected by rs flood barrier from flood

Saving money is always a wise choice especially in emergency situations. But will that money you saved from buying cheaper products might cost you more in the long run. 1409

heavy rains hitting destroying the houses

Learn from Haiti: How Heavy Rainfall Results to Flood

Torrential rains for two days have caused severe flooding in Sud Department, in particular the city of Les Cayes and Maniche, a commune in the Les Cayes Arrondissement leaving five people dead and 10,000 houses damaged in Haiti on November 14 and 16.


Haiti’s civil protection directorate (Direction de la Pretection Civile) also reported Areas of Ile à Vache, Torbeck and Bainet Sud Department were affected. Reports of two deaths were in Les Cayes and Ile à Vache. 1426

Comics flooded house

How prepared are you in a flood calamity?

Now that 2017 has come to a close, the typhoon season have come and go. During the 2017, the Pacific ocean managed to produce 25 named storms, 10 typhoons and only two super typhoons.comics flooded houseNone have affected the Philippines more severely than with Typhoon Ondoy in 2009 and Yolanda in 2013. There were other floods during those years but none as severe in the aforementioned storms. 1457


How to Buy Flood Barriers on a Tight Budget

The company you’re working ask you to find a flood control barrier for their site. You were given the needs of the company and a budget to go with it.SEARCH-FOR-FLOOD-BARRIERSSince it is a new company, money is very tight. Finding a suitable barrier for your company would be a great opportunity for you. 1460

delivery truck stuck in flood

Delivery of Goods and Services are Compromised

Factories depend on deliveries of raw materials for their production. Regular scheduling of deliveries means a smooth transition for a continuous line of supply to the production. The line will keep on working as long the supply is uninterrupted. Factories are heavily depended on raw materials to manufacture their goods. Without the materials, the goods aren’t delay in the deliveries could spell disaster in the production of the goods. The delays could come from a variety of reasons. One possibility is the accident on the roads or misdirections. It can be easily be remedied with follow-up calls to the driver. Once the location is established, an investigating team is dispatch to look into the situation. 1475


Protect your Expensive Generators!

Generators are an expensive piece of equipment. They are the back-up power supplies for any kind of establishments, whether for home use or for business. They provide power to the house if a power failure occurs to allow continued operation of an industrial site.generators_protected_flood_barriersBig generators located at the plants or commercial establishmentsPurchasing a generator is a wise investment for hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, big factories and even homes as a backup power in case of failure. Uninterrupted power is vital for the industrial plants. 1486


Your building’s foundations can be compromised

Rushing floodwaters are a force of nature. Its purpose is only one to go to the path of least resistance going to the lowest part of the ground. Anything that gets in the way are either swept away or go diverted from it. But eventually anything the isn’t anchored is likely to sweep away too. The ground to which it is anchored can be washed away.flood_mitigation_priority_projectFloodwater current are the most dangerous in the world. Anything can be swept away including vehicles. Even at six inches it can knock a person off his feet due the strength of the current. Given enough time and intensity, it can weaken even the strongest foundation there is. 1508


What are thunderstorms? Should you be bothered about them?

In my previous flood safety tip, I talked about the beginning of the Philippines’ dry season. Since the Philippines is a tropical country, it does not go through the cycle of four seasons normally enjoyed in Western countries. Here, dry season is enough to bask in the glow of the morning sun!thunderstormHowever, there’s one feature of the dry season that most Filipinos do not like. Even those foreign nationals who have been living here for a long time (like me!) can vouch that the Philippines’ dry season is not all fun. 1573

house with flood barrier

Protecting Your Property from Flood

This article was originally published on Real Estate Guide Magazine.

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord; whether your property is residential or commercial, living in Southeast Asia means dealing with rains and potential floods. Houses in the Philippines are under threat of being flooded every rainy season. Now, it is getting worse due to climate change. But how do you protect your house? How do you keep your business safe? Here are the TOP 4 ways to prepare and protect your property from flood.

Flooding Background for the Philippines
The Philippines has two seasons - dry and wet. As it is on the usual path of tropical typhoons, the country’s wet season gets even more so. The majority of the Philippines is very flood-prone due to naturally low-lying living areas, poor sewage systems, poor drainage, or congestion. You could be dealing with one or all of these problems.

TOP 4: Location makes the difference

flooded houses

The first tip is to choose your location wisely. You won’t have to deal with floods if you don’t choose a flood-prone area in the first place. Location makes all the difference. For example, several areas in Metro Manila and San Fernando, Pampanga are flood-prone. Both are less than 10 meters above sea level and surrounded by creeks and rivers, a good enough rain can mean an inch or twelve of accumulated water. In San Fernando’s case, consider the adjacent areas like Porac, Mabalacat, or Angeles. All are less flood-prone and more than 70 meters higher than San Fernando.

Ask around and study the location first before you move in. Unfortunately, a simple google search will fail you here, recent urban development and the government’s push to build infrastructure may have rendered internet search results obsolete save for the occasional news article. Ask a local if there has been any flooding in the recent years.

TOP 3: Drainage and Pumping might help

flooded house

If you are already occupying a space, better drainage systems with greater pipes and gullies are a good investment. Flood-prone or not, good pipes give you a good return on investment since they put in the work even with moderate rainfall. Take a look at how old your place is and see if any maintenance has been done since it was built. Chances are if it’s old, it’s due for a check-up. 

Annual maintenance and cleaning is crucial as well. Metal gutters are very prone to rust especially when clogged with wet leaves, dirt, and debris. The same goes for metal pipes although their use is uncommon these days.

TOP 2: Insurance against flooding will only pay one time

house secured

If you’re looking for long-term options, try looking into home insurance. Non-life insurance providers offer comprehensive packages for both homeowners and renters. It’s a safe bet as well; the Philippine Central Bank sees stability for insurance providers in the future, seeing as the market enjoyed a 10% to 30% annual growth. This solution however does not seek to prevent the flooding. Insurance will only reimburse damages up to a certain amount. It will only give you a one-time payout and should only be availed as an additional layer of security.

TOP 1: German Flood Barriers protect the house best

house with flood barrier

Long lasting, intelligent, and tangible - RS DEMOUNTABLE FLOOD BARRIERS are made of light-weight, marine-grade aluminum and are installed in between the entrances of your property. This technology has been invented in 1990 by Rainer Stepanek in Germany. Flood barriers are  secured by side channels with middle supports for longer distances. They can be quickly and easily installed by one person in case of rainfall. After use, they are dismantled, stored, and can be reused again and again.

There are so many existing types of barriers to protect your properties. Whether you need flood control solutions that emphasize mobility, maximum flood height capacity, or urgency of application, there is something that suits your needs. Privately owned flood control solutions are particularly important as you can’t rely solely on public projects. You need solutions that are available when you need them.
There you have it, our top 4 tips for dealing with flood in Southeast Asia. Have you taken steps to protect yourself from flooding? Sign up for our FREE newsletter for more tips on flood-proofing your property. Do you have questions? Send them to and we might address them in a future article!

Are you flood ready?

Time and again, preparedness has been regarded as one of the most important values a person can have. Being prepared and being ready has been the central principle of countless organizations, from scouting groups, public services, to heads of states. It is plain and simple a good value to hold.Visualize yourself living near a river. Look beyond the relaxing sounds of rushing water. If you have been paying attention, then by now you would have already thought about the risks. Of course, there are risks to living anywhere whether by choice or by circumstance. In this case, preparing could mean taking note of rainfall in your area and perhaps the areas upstream too; to be ready in case the river overflows. Preparation may be tedious but without it, it could mean losing lives and valuable investments if you are caught with your pants down. 2190

Man Watching weather news

6 Ways of Flood-proof Living UPDATED

The mission of RS Flood Control Asia can be summarized as: save lives through flood-proof living. In fact, one of the first blogs we published was about simple ways it can be done. A lot of time has passed since.Let’s revisit the tips we gave and update them. We’ll show you simple ways of flood-proof living for today!

1. Always Be Alert

Man Watching weather newsIn the past, we advised you to keep in mind that flooding can happen in any place any time. Rain in one place can cause flood in another. Luckily, keeping updated is as easy as ever. More and more people can now use the internet making it easy to get the latest on weather news. There are multiple weather forecast websites supported by different meteorological agencies from all around the world.If rain or flood is anticipated, monitor your surroundings. Check if your house can withstand a huge amount of water and make sure there is a path for the water to subside. 2344

flooded house, kid getting sick, and medicine

Can Flood Protection Help Disease Prevention?

Anyone who has experienced flood would know that flood-related problems last long after the waters have subsided. Homes, offices, and businesses can take years to recover from the damage. To top it off, floods also affect the mental health and cause outbreaks. That's why disease prevention is one of the priorities during floods. We also try our best to raise awareness about these concerns in our mission to save lives.[caption id="attachment_2426" align="alignnone" width="840"]flooded house, kid getting sick, and medicine Recovering from flood-related diseases means spending time healing and spending resources on medicine. Both can be avoided by becoming flood-proof.[/caption]Saving lives should be enough reason to get a flood protection system. But, could there be other benefits from flood protection? We believe there are more, let us show you!2429

Flooded isolated island

What Dutch Flood Engineering Can Teach You

No country is more connected to the image of windmills and tulips than the Netherlands. Year after year, tourists from all over the world flock to the country to see its wide open fields. But the most impressive thing about the Netherlands is its flood engineering.Netherlands windmill and floating boatsIf you didn’t already know, the Netherlands is mostly underwater! Or at least, it's supposed to be. But with the Dutch commitment to flood control, they have successfully turned flooded lands into fields of flowers and farms. Any country that struggles with floods can learn something from the Netherlands. 2489

How Greenland’s Rapid Defrosting Affects Worldwide Flooding?

[caption id="attachment_2604" align="alignnone" width="840"] Formation of a lake over Greenland’s ice sheet during the summer of 2016.[/caption]The Greenland Ice Sheet is big and old. It’s the world’s largest island, lying in the North Atlantic Ocean and is known for its vast tundra and immense glaciers. In fact, according to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ilulissat Icefjord of Greenland is the most productive glacier in the Northern Hemisphere.2598

What To Do When Your Drainage System Fails!

[caption id="attachment_2646" align="alignnone" width="840"] Broken drainage system is one of the reasons why properties get flooded, even when it's not a heavy downpour.[/caption]Checking the drainage system of a house is one way to make sure that the house is secured from any harm that floods can bring. It is often overlooked when searching for a new home. Whether you are looking for a place in an urban or rural area, a well-functioning drainage system is a must.2610

Best Places for Flood-free Living!

[caption id="attachment_2656" align="alignnone" width="840"] When searching for a new home, consider not just looking at a cheap rent, go for the one that is safe too[/caption]The impact of climate change has affected our way of life more than we know. This affects our health, water supply, agriculture and food security, as well as transportation, energy, and ecosystems. You might not be aware, but this is making your daily life difficult. 2626

How a Simple Engineering Assessment can Prevent Disaster!

[caption id="attachment_2690" align="alignnone" width="840"] Buying a Flood Protection System is easy! Knowing which one will be most effective for you takes a professional.[/caption]Choosing a flood protection system seems to be easy! There are so many flood protection systems in the market today. You can freely choose what product best suits your concerns.Some you can even buy online, install on your own, and you’re done. But there is a problem with this approach. There is no way of ensuring quality. If there is no assurance of quality, are you really safe? And are you really sure which product suits best for your needs?2688

100 % success – German tech flood barriers save whole village

[et_pb_section admin_label="section"] [et_pb_row admin_label="row"] [et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text"][caption id="attachment_2826" align="alignnone" width="840"] With worsening climate change, a heavy downpour can submerge an entire village. In Glarus Süd, Switzerland, one simple heavy rain nearly flooded the area.[/caption]When beauty turns to BeastNature has provided man with gifts that often bring him joy and tranquility. Most people would opt to live in serene woodlands, others in the hinterlands, while others still, near waterways like rivers and lakes.Diesbach River is one of these natural wonders that the local folks enjoy due to its pristine waters that remain calm during the dry season. The river got its name from the same village where it is found; Diesbach Village in Glarus Süd, Switzerland.2820

The levels of flooding and how to prepare for them

[caption id="attachment_2969" align="alignnone" width="840"] Image 1: It is imperative to be familiar with flood levels. This will help you identify what preparations and protection you will need.[/caption]

Flooding can always occur in the most unexpected time. Danger will knock on your doorstep and being unprepared spells the difference between safety and peril.

Knowing how high flooding in your area can get will help you prepare for a worst-case scenario. Nothing beats a proactive stance in disaster preparedness. Floods can ruin your lifetime investments, and worst still, claim lives in your community.

Inquirer Newspaper

How German Technology can Contain PH Flood Disasters

Inquirer Newspaper
Dr. Andreas Klippe’s article was published on Philippine Daily Inquirer’s November 23, 2020 issue, as well as to The MAP Memo’s November 24, 2020 issue.

The world is drowning. While it still continues to battle with a global pandemic, yet another calamity has literally drowned several parts of Asia and America. In the beginning of November 2020, Typhoon Rolly, called Goni internationally, affected some areas of the Philippines. The biggest impact was experienced in the Bicol region. A week after, as the Filipinos started rebuilding their lives and livelihoods, they were battered again by another storm, the Typhoon Ulysses, international name Vamco. Ulysses, after affecting eight regions in the country, went straight to Vietnam, damaging everything that gets on its way. This situation is not unique to Asia, though. Reports show that Hurricane Iota which pummeled Central America has brought heavy rain, extreme winds and storm surges over the region. Iota is recorded as the 30th hurricane to cross the region.


The Need to Protect Flood-management Infrastructure from Floods

Note: This article was published on the BusinessWorld.

Estrero de Sunog Apog Pumping Station

Eleven years ago in September 2009, Tropical Storm “Ondoy”, internationally named as “Ketsana”, plunged many parts of Metro Manila into waist to rooftop-level floodwaters. The people of Metro Manila, especially those in the cities of Pasig, Quezon, Manila,

Caloocan, Muntinlupa and Marikina lost their homes and livelihoods. Some, unfortunately, lost their lives. Cold, tired, hungry and weak, some even had managed to climb the highest parts of their houses, waiting for the floodwaters to cease.


1st Quarter Asia Weather Recap (2021) — How was Asia’s condition?

Natural disasters lashed some countries of Asia. Check out this region's situation in this 1st Quarter Asia weather recap.

recap 1st quarter Asia weather

Some countries in Asia experienced natural disasters during the 1st quarter of 2021. Tropical storms, heavy monsoon rains, flooding, and sandstorm are some of the force majeure that happened in the said region. Let us have a brief 1st quarter Asia weather recap for 2021.


buoyant force of water floods

How can Buoyant Force of Water be a Solution to Flooding

After flooding, we see different objects floating on floodwaters. The buoyant force of water is causing these objects to float. But did you know that the same force can actually help solve flood problems? Read on and find out how.

buoyant force of water floods


To begin, we have to define what buoyant force is.