You get what you paid for!

Andreas Klippe no responses January 26, 2018

Of course, people will try to find the cheapest flood control system. Topmost in their priority is: ”Will it fit into the budget?” “Can this be the best deal there?”

flood protection failed to protect the houseCheap flood barriers doesn’t mean it’s the best

There is the old saying, “you get what you paid for”. Sometimes, the cheapest doesn’t always live up to standards. In the end, you’ll be spending more for repairs and maintenance for the flood control system you bought on a budget.

As any potential client for flood control system, you would want to get the best, not only in quality but also in cost effectiveness. Other flood control systems would say theirs is the best and cheapest, but none have been certified by an international standards authority. If there is a local standard authority, it only gives a recommendation and nothing more.

Our demountable barriers is FM Global certified

Our RS demountable flood control barriers are a cut above the rest of flood control measures, as it is produced by superior German technology. It is certified by FM Global, a Johnston, Rhode Island-based mutual insurance company that specializes in loss prevention services primarily to large corporations throughout the world in the highly protected risk (HPR) property insurance market sector.

fm global insurance logoOur demountable flood control barriers are FM Global-approved!

FM Global has been named the “Best Property Insurer in the World” by Euromoney Magazine. When you see a product or service with the “FM APPROVED” certification mark, you’ll know it meets the highest property-loss-prevention product testing and certification standards. It’s a certification recognized by the world’s leading regulatory authorities, and can be applied to an entire product or system.

flood control RS barrier installedThese RS demountable barriers have been assembled for a client.

Flood Control Solution in the Philippines

Flood Control Asia RS, Corp. is based right here in the Philippines at the Clark Freeport Zone, so all the components are readily available for quick set-up. No need to order parts from abroad.

flood control asia RS main officeLocated here at the Clark Freeport Zone, we are only just a phone call away!

The company was formed through the initiative of RS Stepanek KG – Germany’s premier flood control systems company. It’s inventor is Rainer Stepanek, who began to create flood solutions in 1990. Therefore RS Group is now in service for more than 25 years.

Our systems are installed in more than 8,000 companies in 21 countries all over the world. Companies like Mcdonald’s, Johnson and Johnson, BASF Corp., Maritim Hotels, Nestle Corp., and many more are very satisfied with our product.

There’s a downside when you work with a third party.

Another downside in setting up the barrier system from other sources is the lack of expert builders to properly install it.

flood control construction drawingAre you sure your construction team can get the job done?

In Flood Control Asia Rs Corp., we have our own installation team to set up the flood control barriers. They have the expertise to install it. No need for third party construction team; thus, minimizing the cost.

Its Renewable Warranty

Last but not the least of all advantages is it Flood Control Asia’s renewable warranty. The worn-out parts can be replaced and warranty can be renewed.

renewable warranty logo

Add them all up, Flood Control Asia is by far the best authority in assessing flood control solutions. No other flood control company can match its expertise.

So, drop by and see why RS flood control barriers are the best! They may save you money in the long run!

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Andreas Klippe is founder of the Asian Center for Flood Control located in Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines.