Flood Control Barriers

What Is The Best Flood Control Barrier Solution For You?

At Flood Control Asia RS, we provide state-of-the-art flood control products guaranteed to give protection not only to your properties and businesses, but more importantly, to your loved ones.

There is no particular flood barrier system that solve all flooding scenarios. Flood Control Asia RS have a wide array of flood barrier products and flood protection systems that are outstanding and the very best available on the market today.

RS Sliding Flood Gates

A Heavy Duty Flood Gate for Huge Passageway Huge and heavy duty flood gates that can protect a property that is as high as 4.4 meters and as wide as 10 meters.

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Flood Control Asia - Commercial Buildings

RS Demountable Flood Barriers

Fully removable flush-finish perimeter demountable flood defense - flood depths up to 4m high, ideal for wide area defenses against flood damage.

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Flood Control Asia - Residential Applications

RS Swing-Hinged Flood Gates

Swing-Hinged Flood Gates are ideal for opening where there is a step or ramp. Designed to provide flood protection or chemical containment in bundled areas.

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rs lift-hinged flood gates

RS Lift-Hinged Flood Gates

Easy to use lift-hinged floodgate suitable for roads, vehicle and disabled access, flood depths up to 1.85m as standard.

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rs dropdown flood barrier

RS Drop-Down Flood Barriers

Dependable overhead drop-down barrier ready to be activated at a moment’s notice. Can be operated manually or automatic with rising flood waters.

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Flood Control Asia - Government Facilities

RS Flip-Up Flood Barrier

Fully automatic flood barriers that fully recess into the ground. Designed for pedestrian and vehicle entrances, or anywhere where unrestricted level access is required.

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Flood Control Asia - Industrial Infrastructures

RS Pivot-Hinged Barriers

Protection against spillages or fire-fighting run-off. Containment can be Gas-Lift Pivot barrier for vehicle access or Hinged Gate Containment Barriers.

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rs heavy duty sliding door

RS Heavy Duty Flood Doors

Hinged or sliding, our Heavy Duty Flood Doors are individually designed for each requirement. Designed to incorporate automation of closure, locking and monitoring status where needed.

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rs glass wall flood barriers

RS Glass Flood Wall Barriers

Engineered glass flood walls are the ultimate unobtrusive permanent flood defense. Full time permanent defense with no operation costs.

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A small group of men can set up the flood barricades in at least five easy steps.

Inero™ Mobile Flood Barriers

The Inero Mobile Flood Barriers are portable, lightweight, and temporary. However, they are also known as ultra-durable flood water barricades that can withstand any emergency situation!

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flood automatic barrier with headline text

Anhamm Automatic Flood Barriers

The Anhamm Automatic Flood Barrier is an independent system; it works without electrical power or manual operation. The patented mechanism detects the incoming flood and reacts by activating the barrier.

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RS Window Covers

Lightweight yet durable flood barriers that can be installed on windows and wall or ground openings and can render complete protection from flood

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RS 4 Sided-Sealed Flood Doors

Flood Doors that best fit your doors and passageways. They look like doors but are sealed on all four sides, ensuring maximum protection during major flooding.

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