Anhamm Automatic Flood Barriers

Set it and forget it!

The Anhamm Automatic Flood Barrier is an independent system; it works without electrical power or manual operation. The patented mechanism detects the incoming flood and reacts by activating the barrier.

The Advantages of the Anhamm Automatic Flood Barriers

  • Anhamm Automatic Flood Barriers operate on gravity and buoyancy, no need for external electricity or batteries.
  • A patented mechanism that activates the barrier, meaning no manual operation required.
  • Anhamm Automatic Flood Barriers are delivered fully assembled or in modules for longer spans and require the least possible civil construction works.

Internationally Tested and Certified

The Anhamm Automatic Flood Barrier is tested and certified by TÜV Nord and FM Global. These international certifications subject the Anhamm Automatic Flood Barriers to rigorous testing including the ability to withstand dynamic water pressure and resistance to impact.

Best Uses for the Anhamm Automatic Flood Barriers

  • Large commercial and industrial areas where manual activation will take too long for quick response.
  • Facilities near Coastal and riverside places where regular flooding is expected.
  • Unattended entryways, driveways, or car parks where there is not enough manpower to operate the barriers during emergency.

It Works on Its Own

When we say “set it and forget it,” we mean it! Anhamm Automatic Flood Barriers are made of the highest-quality materials meaning longer product lifespan and more value for your investment. The most durable stainless steel and PFTE gaskets are used to make sure Anhamm Automatic Flood Barriers stand the test of time.

How to protect your assets, homes, and loved ones from flooding?

These are the steps to follow when deciding to avail flood protection systems for RS Flood Control Asia:
  • 1

    Initial Survey

    The client will provide the necessary data (e.g., dimensions of the entrances, intensity and frequency of flooding, and the number of required protections). Then, the RS Flood Control Engineers will evaluate the information and create a preliminary action plan.

  • 2

    Site Inspection

    An RS Technical Inspection will be conducted by our flood experts and recommend to you the best plan for installing flood protection. This will allow the RS Flood Control Engineers to generate a comprehensive list of recommended flood control solutions.

  • 3

    Installation Proper

    Installation begins and the RS Flood Control Engineers will formally turn over the flood control solution to the client. All devices and mechanisms included in the flood control solution will be handed over to the client.

  • 4

    Conduct Commissioning

    Once the site has been inspected, the RS Flood Control engineers will provide the client with an assessment result. If the client agrees with the recommended flood control solution, a price list and production lead time can be determined, then manufacturing can begin.

  • 5

    Training for System Installation

    As part of the turn-over activities, the RS flood control engineers will provide hands-on training on the client’s party. This will allow the client and his household/manpower to have a firsthand experience of using the flood control systems. Such a firsthand experience will be valuable when responding to an actual flooding incident.


Will the barrier handle large amounts of flood?

Of course! The combination of high-quality materials and rigorous testing was done to ensure that the Anhamm Automatic Flood Barrier’s design can withstand floods up to 2000 mm height.

How much construction is involved?

Only the ditch for installation is needed. The Anhamm Automatic Flood Barrier is shipped in one piece, installed, and then it is ready to go!

Can the Anhamm Flood Barrier be installed in driveways?

Absolutely! The Anhamm Automatic Flood Barrier can handle wear and tear from cars, lorries, and motorcycles.

What triggers the Anhamm Automatic Flood Barriers to activate?

Once the Anhamm Automatic Flood Barrier’s patented mechanism detects a specific amount of flood, it will be ready to spring into action!

How much maintenance is needed to keep the barrier in good condition?

All mechanical parts of the Anhamm Automatic Flood Barrier are maintenance free! The only thing customers need to worry about is clearing any debris from the barrier to make sure it can do its job.
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How do you stay safe during a flood?

Protect your properties from flood damage by just learning from our simple yet effective tips.

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