RS Flip-Up Flood Barrier

Watch this video and see how this hydraulic flood barrier system works!

Since they are automatic flood barriers, they can spring into action when there’s a threat of flood. They can be operated remotely through a push-a-button mechanism that has a reliable backup in case of power blackout.

Flip-Up Flood Barriers are Perfect for Sites where Unrestricted Access is a Must

  • The automated Flip-Up Flood Barriers are suitable to public squares.
  • Since they rely on a hydraulic flood barrier system, they can always be lowered down to accommodate any scenario where a ground-level passage is required.
  • These automatic flood barriers can also serve underground car parks or basements.

Why are Flip-Up Flood Barriers called ‘unobtrusive flood protection’?

True, Flip-Up Flood Barriers are a permanent protection. However, they are fully recessed into the ground. This makes the Flip-Up Flood Barriers unobstructive.

Automated Flip-Up Flood Barriers can accommodate entry points as wide as 12.00 meters (with maximum flood height of 2.00 meters).

Flip-Up Flood Barriers: Total, Unobtrusive Flood Protection

Flip-Up Flood Barriers are the suitable protection for historic and scenic sites, where total flood protection must not alter the environment’s aesthetics.

This hydraulic flood barrier system can be furnished depending on the surroundings. It can be coated with a skid-resistant epoxy or paved with timber-like surface (timber clad).

Reliable Protection through Automated Flip-Up Flood Barriers

  • The Flip-Up Flood Barriers are fully recessed to the ground.
  • A 24-volt power backup is available in case a total energy blackout occurs.
  • Through a remote control mechanism, these automatic flood barriers can spring into action when there’s flood.
  • The flip-up type can be furnished with various coatings and designs so as to adopt with its environment.

How to protect your assets, homes, and loved ones from flooding?

These are the steps to follow when deciding to avail flood protection systems for RS Flood Control Asia:
  • 1

    Initial Survey

    The client will provide the necessary data (e.g., dimensions of the entrances, intensity and frequency of flooding, and the number of required protections). Then, the RS Flood Control Engineers will evaluate the information and create a preliminary action plan.

  • 2

    Site Inspection

    An RS Technical Inspection will be conducted by our flood experts and recommend to you the best plan for installing flood protection. This will allow the RS Flood Control Engineers to generate a comprehensive list of recommended flood control solutions.

  • 3

    Installation Proper

    Installation begins and the RS Flood Control Engineers will formally turn over the flood control solution to the client. All devices and mechanisms included in the flood control solution will be handed over to the client.

  • 4

    Conduct Commissioning

    Once the site has been inspected, the RS Flood Control engineers will provide the client with an assessment result. If the client agrees with the recommended flood control solution, a price list and production lead time can be determined, then manufacturing can begin.

  • 5

    Training for System Installation

    As part of the turn-over activities, the RS flood control engineers will provide hands-on training on the client’s party. This will allow the client and his household/manpower to have a firsthand experience of using the flood control systems. Such a firsthand experience will be valuable when responding to an actual flooding incident.


How do you know if you need Flip-Up Flood Barriers?

You need Flip-Up Flood Barriers if you own a big industrial site, underground parking, or if you want a flood control solution that DOES NOT require manual operation and DOES NOT alter the area’s aesthetics.

Is this type an automatic flood barrier?

Yes, it is!

It is self-activating and self-closing. A sensor rigged to it allows it to detect the threat of flooding. With this mechanism, there is no need to manually push a button to operate the Flip-Up Flood Barrier from a remote control center.

Can the Flip-Up Flood Barrier accommodate large areas?

Yes! Flip-Up Flood Barriers can be installed to a maximum width of 12 meters. Multiple systems can also be installed with posts in between.

So, this automated Flip-Up Flood Barriers rely on electric power. What if there’s a power outage?

The Flip-Up Flood Barrier has a 24-volt back-up system that will ensure its continuous operation should the main power source fail.

Where can the Flip-Up Flood Barriers be installed?

They are best for big industrial sites where manning every entry point is a big challenge. Likewise, they will work perfectly for open spaces where an automated flood control system is required.

Flood Control Solutions Successfully Applied

You can have the same total flood protection these facilities enjoy through the RS Demountable Flood Barriers.

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