RS Demountable Flood Barriers

Watch this Video and see how the Flood Barriers Work

RS Demountable Flood Barriers can be tailored to fit various structural forms like arcs, sharp corners, 90-degree turns, and slopes as steep as 20 degrees.
They can protect structures from flood as high as 4.0 meters. Moreover, they can be rigged to ground plates and anchors so they can resist the strong push of floodwater pressure.

Once the flood panels have been assembled, their seals can be tightened through the compression clamps; thus, preventing the possibility of leaks.

RS Demountable Flood Barriers Render Total Flood Protection

  • These removable flood barriers are perfect for building entrances.
  • These flood panels can be primary infrastructural defense.
  • Though they are temporary flood protection, they can also be installed on floodwall openings.
  • They are perfect for homes as removable flood barriers.

RS Demountable Flood Barriers for Every Flooding Situation

RS Demountable Barriers can render total protection from flood, ensuring that your assets and loved ones are safe no matter what.

These are removable flood barriers that can fit any structure — be it a simple home, a business establishment, or a big industrial house.

RS Demountable Flood Barriers Render Total Flood Protection

  • RS Demountable Flood Barriers are affordable, in contrast to sandbags that require frequent refurnishing.
  • The flood panels are lightweight and can be assembled by a single person.
  • These removable flood barriers are flexible; they can fit to any structural form.
  • These flood beams are made of aluminum, making them extremely durable.
  • They may be a temporary flood protection, but they are secured through a locking mechanism called compression clamps.
  • RS Demountable Flood Barriers are made to last long.

The Flood Beams are Made to Last

Last, but most importantly, RS Demountable Flood Barriers are made to last. They are aluminum panels, which makes them resistant to all forms of corrosive substances. They are extremely durable, and can resist blunt forces caused by floating debris.

How to protect your assets, homes, and loved ones from flooding?

These are the steps to follow when deciding to avail flood protection systems for RS Flood Control Asia:
  • 1

    Initial Survey

    The client will provide the necessary data (e.g., dimensions of the entrances, intensity and frequency of flooding, and the number of required protections). Then, the RS Flood Control Engineers will evaluate the information and create a preliminary action plan.

  • 2

    Site Inspection

    An RS Technical Inspection will be conducted by our flood experts and recommend to you the best plan for installing flood protection. This will allow the RS Flood Control Engineers to generate a comprehensive list of recommended flood control solutions.

  • 3

    Installation Proper

    Installation begins and the RS Flood Control Engineers will formally turn over the flood control solution to the client. All devices and mechanisms included in the flood control solution will be handed over to the client.

  • 4

    Conduct Commissioning

    Once the site has been inspected, the RS Flood Control engineers will provide the client with an assessment result. If the client agrees with the recommended flood control solution, a price list and production lead time can be determined, then manufacturing can begin.

  • 5

    Training for System Installation

    As part of the turn-over activities, the RS flood control engineers will provide hands-on training on the client’s party. This will allow the client and his household/manpower to have a firsthand experience of using the flood control systems. Such a firsthand experience will be valuable when responding to an actual flooding incident.


How can the RS Demountable Flood Barriers provide ultimate protection?

The flood barriers act as a temporary flood protection. They can be assembled on the designated site when there is a threat of flooding. With their rubber seals, they effectively block all floodwater entry points; thus, securing the entire perimeter.

Why are they called temporary flood protection?

The flood beams can be removed from their channels when they are not in use. They can be stored in racks or chests that our services provide. The flood panels are lightweight, making them suitable for a single person set up.

Can the flood panels provide protection for extreme conditions?

The answer is a resounding “Yes!” RS Demountable Flood Barriers can accommodate a maximum height of 4.0 meters. They can also be installed on perimeters with corners, sharp turns, and slopes as steep as 20 degrees. The flood beams are also made of high-grade aluminum that can resist corrosion, blunt force, and water pressure.

How can we prove the durability of RS Demountable Barriers?

The RS Demountable Flood Barriers have been tested and approved by FM Global, the world’s leading property loss prevention research firm. Besides, the RS Demountable Flood Barriers have been created through German technology, one of the world’s best in terms of engineering.

Where can the RS Demountable Flood Barriers be installed?

They are best for big businesses like car shops, malls, hotels, warehouses, and even underground basements. They can also work for schools, government offices, and residences.

Flood Control Solutions Successfully Applied

You can have the same total flood protection these facilities enjoy through the RS Demountable Flood Barriers.

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