Inero™ Mobile Flood Barriers

Watch this video and see how these removable flood barricades work!

Portable Flood Barriers for Guaranteed Protection

These mobile flood barriers are both durable and easy to install, making them the most fitting defense systems for emergency situations.

Portable Flood Barriers are Innovative Solutions to Flooding

  • The Inero™ Mobile Flood Barriers does not require permanent installation or alteration of structures.
  • These flood panels are lightweight and perfect for emergency response.
  • Made from marine-grade aluminum alloy, these flood water barricade are extremely durable.
  • These temporary flood protection barriers can be set up in any structural design.

How are these mobile flood barriers different from other flood control solutions?

The Inero™ Mobile Flood Barriers differs from the other flood protection systems since it does not need permanent installation. These temporary flood protection barriers can be propped up when needed and removed when the flooding incident is over.

Made from marine-grade aluminum alloy, the mobile flood barriers can be assembled by laying down the flood panels around the perimeter that needs protection. After propping up the support legs, the flood panels can be set up by interlocking the pegs and clasps.

Since they are movable and not permanent, they can accommodate various structural requirements. They can be arranged around corners and slopes, making them act as floodwater barricades around the perimeter.

The Inero™ Mobile Flood Barriers Work under any Flooding Situation

  • They can be set up on any corner, sharp turn, or slope, as these mobile flood barriers are very flexible.
  • The removable flood panels can also provide protection for major roads and thoroughfares.
  • These portable flood barriers are suitable for large perimeters.


Why are they called mobile flood barriers?

They are called “mobile” because they can be removed completely from the site when they are not in use. Unlike the other flood barriers, these ones do not need permanent installation of channels. They can be installed by simply assembling them before the flooding incident.

Since the Inero™ Mobile Flood Barriers are removable, does it mean that they are also versatile?

Yes, they are extremely versatile. They can be installed on sharp turns and on terrain of varying slopes. When installing them on a sloped terrain, adjust the height between flood panels and the whole flood barricade will be able to accommodate the terrain.

How do I clean the Inero™ Mobile Flood Barriers when they get soiled?

Just rinse the panels with water and wipe each of them with a clean sponge or chamois. The Inero™ Mobile Flood Barriers are designed to be dirt- and corrosion-resistant.

How should I stock the Inero™ Mobile Flood Barriers?

The flood panels can be stocked on pallets. If there are many pieces, they can be stocked inside steel boxes where at most 20 pieces are stocked on top of each other.

Where can I install these Inero™ Mobile Flood Barriers?

The answer is ANYWHERE! They can be installed outdoors or indoors, depending on your preference.

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