RS Lift-Hinged Flood Gates

Watch this Video and See how Lift-Hinged Floodgates Work

Why are they called “lift-hinged”? Floodgates like these ones use the “raise-swing-lower mechanism that makes them easy to manipulate.

Such mechanism is not merely for the convenience of opening and closing the floodgate. This “raise-swing-lower” mechanism is also created so the Lift-Hinged Floodgates can accommodate wide entrances.

The gate itself can be opened to a 180-degree swing. Undoubtedly, the lift-hinged type is both a quick solution for flooding and a secure floodgate for homes.

Lift-Hinged Floodgates Suit every Flooding Situation

  • The lift-hinged type is ideal for openings in floodwalls.
  • They perfectly fit on building and vehicle entrances, making them a suitable floodgate for homes and industries.
  • They can also serve as floodgates for entrances where steps or ramps are not allowed.
  • As industrial floodgates, they can be used as permanent gates of big warehouses where constant protection is necessary.

Lift-Hinged Floodgates: Flood Solution for Homes and Industries

The Lift-Hinged Floodgates are designed to serve as industrial floodgates. On the other hand, they can also be used as floodgates for homes, where a quick response to flooding is much needed.

Lift-Hinged Floodgates Save Homes and Industries from Flood

  • As an excellent residential floodgate, they can protect entrances designed for vehicles and differently abled persons.
  • An ideal floodgate for homes, they can easily be opened to a 180-degree arc.
  • They are lightweight and do not require massive supporting structures.
  • Because they are lightweight, they can be operated by single person; thus, allowing a quick response to flooding.
  • Lift-Hinged Floodgates are not just a quick solution for flooding; they are also maintenance-free since they use construction-grade aluminum steel.
  • These floodgates have a single-point locking mechanism that makes them 100% secured.


How can the Lift-Hinged Floodgates protect your assets from flood?

This high-grade industrial floodgate are designed to protect large entry points (e.g., vehicle entrances, factory gates, disabled persons’ entrances, and heavy equipment storehouses.

Its sufficient height and length also makes it a permanent gate for residences and industrial areas.

Why is the Lift-Hinged Floodgate called a ‘Quick Response to and a Quick Solution for Flooding’?

The lift-hinged type, in spite of its size, can be operated by a single person. It can be manipulated through a simple raise-swing-lower technique. Moreover, its EPDM rubber seals are proven effective in blocking all floodwater entry points.

Is the Lift-Hinged Floodgate designed for extreme scenarios?


The lift-hinged type is made of construction-grade aluminum steel, a material that is known for being 100% corrosion-resistant. The floodgate can also be painted through powder coating to add another layer of protection against abrasive substances.

How can we prove the durability of these Lift-Hinged Floodgates?

Like all other RS products, the Lift-Hinged Floodgates have been tested and approved by FM Global, one of the world’s most renowned accreditor of risk prevention systems.

The Lift-Hinged Floodgates can also resist blunt force brought by floating debris like logs, pieces of metal, and fragments of chipped concrete.

Where can the Lift-Hinged Floodgates be installed?

They are best for residences, opening on floodwalls, and for industrial sites where a secure, vandalism-resistant gate is needed.

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