RS Sliding Flood Gates

A Heavy Duty Flood Gate for Huge Passageway

Huge and heavy duty flood gates that can protect a property that is as high as 4.4 meters and as wide as 10 meters. Depending on your preference and property requirements, you can choose from manual, semi automatic, or automatic operation.

RS Sliding Flood Gates are heavy duty flood barriers that are designed to protect huge entrances or passageways as high as 4.4 meter and as wide as 10 meters.

  • RS Sliding Flood Gates come in 3 options for opening and closing: manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation.
  • They have 2 sealing system options: a circular EPDM sealing and an inflatable sealing
  • (For Automatic) Come with special features like sensor triggering, a visual and audio safety unit, and a UPS or manual backup for power outage.
  • Come with a touch and motion sensor that adds to the safety feature of the flood gates

Why do you need RS Sliding Flood Gates?

RS Sliding Flood Gates are the best flood protection barriers if you are expecting an extreme flood for your huge passageways. They can protect entrances with up to 4.4 meters in height and 10 meters in width. These flood walls are perfect for industrial areas experiencing extreme flooding.

Securing your industrial areas against extreme flood

Industrial areas like power plants, ice plants, and some high-demand manufacturing plants can continue their operation even during extreme flooding. For a secured and an uninterrupted operation, flood gates can be opened or closed manually, semi automatically, or automatically.

RS Sliding Flood Gates are designed especially for your needs and requirements against massive floodings.

    These alternative to sandbags flood barriers are:

  • Able to protect long and wide passages like industrial plants against extreme flooding.
  • (For Automatic) Able to be opened and closed by itself.
  • Able to resist a very huge flood load.
  • Able to contribute to safety and able to prevent accidents

Do you know that having a huge flood barrier means saving huge assets against extreme flood?

RS Sliding Flood Gates are best for industrial plants that house assets like equipment and machines that cost millions of dollars. These assets, when exposed to floodwaters, will need to be repaired or replaced — either way, it will cost money.


Is 4.4 meters the maximum height it can protect?

Yes, but in some special cases, it can be higher. The designs of RS Sliding Flood Gates are customized based on your specific requirements.

This flood gate’s size can injure a person when he or she is caught in between. Will this gate still be considered dangerous?

Don’t worry because it is safe to use. RS Sliding Flood Gates have a safety feature that uses a “touch and motion sensor”. This sensor automatically stops the gate from closing when there is a person or any obstruction present near the gate.

Which sealing system is better for my RS Sliding Flood Gates?

It depends on the specification and system that you will be requesting. If you consider the Circular EPDM sealing, you will only need to compress the gates for sealing. When you take the inflatable system, a pneumatic system is required to run your sealing system.

How long does it take to close these heavy-duty flood gates?

For manual operation, it takes 5 minutes and for automatic operation, it takes 60 seconds.

How are flood gates maintained?

An annual checking of the hydraulic-mechanical and electrical system is needed for maintaining this flood protection barrier. Emergency tests must be done to inspect all possible operating conditions including the safety features.

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You can have the same total flood protection these facilities enjoy through the RS Demountable Flood Barriers.

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