How German Technology can Contain PH Flood Disasters

Posted by Andreas Klippe | November 27, 2020
Inquirer Newspaper
Dr. Andreas Klippe’s article was published on Philippine Daily Inquirer’s November 23, 2020 issue, as well as to The MAP Memo’s November 24, 2020 issue.

The world is drowning. While it still continues to battle with a global pandemic, yet another calamity has literally drowned several parts of Asia and America. In the beginning of November 2020, Typhoon Rolly, called Goni internationally, affected some areas of the Philippines. The biggest impact was experienced in the Bicol region. A week after, as the Filipinos started rebuilding their lives and livelihoods, they were battered again by another storm, the Typhoon Ulysses, international name Vamco. Ulysses, after affecting eight regions in the country, went straight to Vietnam, damaging everything that gets on its way. This situation is not unique to Asia, though. Reports show that Hurricane Iota which pummeled Central America has brought heavy rain, extreme winds and storm surges over the region. Iota is recorded as the 30th hurricane to cross the region.


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The levels of flooding and how to prepare for them

Posted by Andreas Klippe | October 30, 2020

Image 1: It is imperative to be familiar with flood levels. This will help you identify what preparations and protection you will need.

Flooding can always occur in the most unexpected time. Danger will knock on your doorstep and being unprepared spells the difference between safety and peril.

Knowing how high flooding in your area can get will help you prepare for a worst-case scenario. Nothing beats a proactive stance in disaster preparedness. Floods can ruin your lifetime investments, and worst still, claim lives in your community.

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100 % success – German tech flood barriers save whole village

Posted by Andreas Klippe | October 16, 2020

With worsening climate change, a heavy downpour can submerge an entire village. In Glarus Süd, Switzerland, one simple heavy rain nearly flooded the area.

When beauty turns to Beast

Nature has provided man with gifts that often bring him joy and tranquility. Most people would opt to live in serene woodlands, others in the hinterlands, while others still, near waterways like rivers and lakes.

Diesbach River is one of these natural wonders that the local folks enjoy due to its pristine waters that remain calm during the dry season. The river got its name from the same village where it is found; Diesbach Village in Glarus Süd, Switzerland.


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How a Simple Engineering Assessment can Prevent Disaster!

Posted by Andreas Klippe | October 8, 2020

Buying a Flood Protection System is easy! Knowing which one will be most effective for you takes a professional.

Choosing a flood protection system seems to be easy! There are so many flood protection systems in the market today. You can freely choose what product best suits your concerns.

Some you can even buy online, install on your own, and you’re done. But there is a problem with this approach. There is no way of ensuring quality. If there is no assurance of quality, are you really safe? And are you really sure which product suits best for your needs?


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Best Places for Flood-free Living!

Posted by Andreas Klippe | October 1, 2020

When searching for a new home, consider not just looking at a cheap rent, go for the one that is safe too

The impact of climate change has affected our way of life more than we know. This affects our health, water supply, agriculture and food security, as well as transportation, energy, and ecosystems. You might not be aware, but this is making your daily life difficult.

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Flood Control Asia
According to PAGASA, the two weather systems, Low Pressure Area (LPA) and Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), are expected to bring rains in most parts of Southern Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao in the Philippines.

PAGASA said that the LPA, which was last seen 210 km South Southwest of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, is expected to affect large areas of the Palawan province and Mindanao.

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Flood Control Asia
Flood Control Asia
Academic institutions play a vital role in community development. In retrospect, flooding was one of the problems several institutions encountered.

In this week’s blog, let’s take a look on how important it is to protect critical infrastructures like academic institutions.

Read here:

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