Why residential flood barriers are a wise investment

Posted by Ariel Arcebido | August 12, 2017

Aftermath Typhooon Yolanda
Aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda

Climate change has forever changed the world’s weather patterns. Category five typhoons and storm surges, which were once considered a rarity, are now becoming common place. As polar ice caps melt, the average monthly rainfall is expected to double and ocean levels can surge for up to 10 feet. For low-lying lands, this means none but frequent flooding.


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6 Ways of Flood Proof Living (Protect your Homes Now!)

Posted by Andreas Klippe | April 6, 2017

Do you believe that nature can exist without man, but man cannot live without nature?

I for one believe that outrageous weather such as tropical storm and other related calamities are some of Mother Nature’s terrifying blunt force. Even billions of years ago, these kinds of phenomenons are way too impossible to elude. Once it strikes the land, all living and nonliving things will perish.

Collapsed bridges, crashed buildings, cracked roads, crumbled cables, colossal deaths tolls, and many more are some of the obvious impact of this land catastrophes.The lack of preparation and consciousness at times leads to more devastating state that might result to a long time recovery.

Among the natural disaster hitting the earth, flood or flooding is the most common and one of the worst calamity to be recorded. It has the erosive power to wipe away the entire city, coastline or area, and even cause extensive damage to life and property.

Flooding usually comes after intensive rain and can reach the height of at least 4 to 6 meters.
Ignore the risk and you will find yourself floating outside your house together with the shattered furnitures.


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10 Cars That Will Wade Through Flood Just For You

Posted by Andreas Klippe | March 18, 2017

Snorkels, Surfboard, Flip- Flops, Paddles… Tired of swimming through flood?

Flooding do not respect any boundaries. It will devour properties, from residential houses to business establishments, and will flow from one city to the next.

“Philippines, hailed as the most storm-exposed country in the world, can turn the slightest of rains into a car-sinking spectacle.”

You can blame it on the faulty drainage systems that the government fails miserably to repair or on the man-made troubles like global warming.

But the truth of the matter is, flooding is a part of the Philippine motoring during rainy season, and it does not look like it is going to be different anytime soon.


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5 Horrifying Effects of Climate Change that You Need to Know

Posted by Andreas Klippe | February 15, 2017

“What is the most significant change you’ve seen in the world in the last ten years?” was the question for Miss Philippines, Maxine Medina during the 65th Miss Universe pageant.

Medina’s answer sparked quite a substorm over social media, resulting to some Filipino netizens chiming in to channel their inner beauty queen to answer the question, citing that Medina’s answer should have been about the millennials, gender equality or climate change.

If I were to answer the same question, I would probably want to tap on the matter of climate change as one of the most significant changes that I have seen in the last ten years.

“The exploitation of the world’s natural resources like fossil burning fuel and greenhouse gases are only few of the leading causes of environmental degradation.”

With this, the warming of the planet at an alarming rate will put the health and the livelihoods of the many at risk.

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It's a total bummer when your house got flooded and you have nothing to do but to see your hard-earned properties get damaged.

Arnell Ignacio, a popular TV and radio personality from the Philippines, shares his frustrations against floods and how he is now preparing for the next one to come.

Read full article here: https://www.hatawtabloid.com/2021/01/13/arnell-action-man-flood-barriers-isusulong

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