3 Things I Wish I Knew 5 Years Ago about Flood Control

Posted by Arli Joshua Atienza | September 25, 2017

Ten years ago, most of us see flood control measures as an issue in public infrastructure projects. Five years after that, almost nothing has changed — people still see flood solution as a responsibility of the government.

While the said thought still holds a grain of truth in our present times, flood control is now becoming a personal matter. The reason behind this sudden paradigm shift is the increasing threat of climate change, which exempts no one from untoward incident.

man thinking about floodThe image shows a thinking man, while his background shows a heavily-flooded street.

With these thoughts in mind, let us recall three things we wish we knew five years ago about flood control. This list provides just a handful of realizations, so feel free to add more.

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A Noob’s Guide to Flood Control (5 THINGS TO KNOW!)

Posted by Arli Joshua Atienza | September 23, 2017

flood control barriers, notebook with a check mark.A 5-POINT GUIDE FOR FLOOD CONTROL NOOBS. While everyone is in a panic solving the perennial problem of flooding, take a look on these five things that can help you survive.

More and more people are recognizing the truth of climate change. As a result, various government agencies are frantically searching for solutions to climate change and its offshoots, which includes flooding.

However, conventional measures like construction of dikes and canals are not always effective. Developing countries are still finding it hard to establish long-time and reliable solutions to flooding.


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Flood Barriers’ Secrets Uncovered

Posted by Arli Joshua Atienza | August 29, 2017

Metal Barrier and drain plugs

We’ve been promoting (aggressively!) Flood Control Asia RS (FCA) and its flood barriers. Needless to say, we won’t do such if we’re not convinced that these flood barriers will work. Once more, we are opening this technology to all who are seeking for long-time solutions to flooding!

However, some of our patrons are asking if we’ve revealed everything we know about flood control. To those who raised that question, it’s timely to ask since we are now introducing two of our “secret weapons”.

We brand them as secret weapons because they work without you noticing them. Mind you, they come with our usual flood barriers; yet, no one has ever given them special attention!


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7 Facts You Think You Know About Flood

Posted by Arli Joshua Atienza | August 24, 2017

Being born and raised from a tropical country like the Philippines makes us used to flooding. By the time we’re 18, we think we already know everything about flood — its brown and murky color, its stench, and its devastating consequences.

7 mind-blowing facts flooding

Even Google doesn’t know everything about flooding. So while we’re still in a dry spell, sit back, scroll down, and discover whatever we need to know about flood.


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Flip-up Flood Barriers

Posted by Ariel Arcebido | August 18, 2017

Flooding can occur anytime be it during day or night. By day, everyone can be warned for impending flood so they setup barriers.

Flooded car garage basement

But what if it were to happen at night time when everybody is asleep? Who would set up the flood protection barriers? An automated system would be the best option for such a scenario. The barrier would be programmed such that a single touch of a button can set it up.

Also its sensor can detect the rising water. Also, the complete reliability and barriers must be setup discreetly in keeping with the surroundings.


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Look: Heavy Rain triggered flash flood in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
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