Flood Barriers for Homes

The most reliable flood control protection guarantees continuous production even under extreme flooding conditions

Flood Barrier Solutions for Residential Buildings

No other flood protection solutions company offers more models of flood defense systems than Flood Control Asia RS.

With more than 25 years of experience, our flood management experts can provide custom designed flood defense systems for residential buildings. Whether it be a house, garage or garden, our wide array of can protect it.

Residential Buildings

Floods can be devastating to any residential properties. Family members are stressed, expensive furnitures get ruined, damaging your appliances and home equipments, even you cars. So the worst problem whenever there is flooding is that you lost a lot of assets and you still need to clean the mess.

We offer flood protection to reduce the flood risk for any buildings and facility. We can help protect the premises from flood water damage by providing the right flood defenses for the building’s need.

Our range of flood control products can be used for virtually any situation; from surface water flash floods to deep water flooding. We offer flood defenses that can be used to protect the smallest openings through to wide area defenses. It will keep not only the building safe from flood, but more importantly, the family members safe and dry, too.

Let our  help you choose the right Flood Control system for your requirements.