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Organization Photos and Graphics

The Executives

Dr. Andreas Klippe

President and Chief Executive Officer
Flood Control Asia RS Corp.

Ma. Fatima V. Usi

Co-founder and Vice President
Flood Control Asia RS Corp.

The RS Team

Flood Control Asia Corporation RS Corp. was established through the initiative of RS Stepanek KG – Germany’s premier flood control systems company. Since 1990, this RS flood control technology, each one bearing the “Quality – MADE in GERMANY” seal, has been working to ensure accurate solutions to specific flooding situations.

Over 65,000 flood barrier systems are already installed for more than 11,000 satisfied customers. RS products are used in residences, industrial buildings, commercial establishments, and government offices in 34 countries on 5 continents.

The RS Group Worldwide

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RS works with 23 country distributors and has regional headquarters in the following countries:
Regional headquarters for Europe (Mainland):
RS Stepanek KG, Limburg an der Lahn, Hesse, Germany
Regional headquarters for the United Kingdom, Ireland, America, Australia:
Flood Control International Ltd., Tavistock, Devon, United Kingdom
Regional headquarters for Asia, Pacific:
Flood Control Asia RS Corp., ClarkFreeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines

Corporate Identity

Flood Control Asia RS Logo

The RS logo can be downloaded in various formats: blue on white, white on blue, black on white, and white on black. Once the download button is clicked, the files are delivered as a zip file. Any alteration with the standard design of the logo shall not be permitted.

The logo can be used in four ways: RS only, RS with Flood Control Asia, RS with Flood Control Asia and the Flood Experts, or RS – The Flood Experts.

About Us

Flood Control Asia RS Corporation tells its story of providing modern flood protection barriers for residences, industrial buildings, commercial establishments, and government offices. Download the PDF files to find out more about the history of RS.


German cooperation

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German Quality Seal

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Product Photos

RS Demountable Flood Barriers

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RS Inero Mobile Flood Barriers

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RS Lift-Hinged Flood Gate

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RS Pivot-Hinged Barriers

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RS Swing-Hinged Flood Doors

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RS Sliding Flood Gates

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RS Heavy-Duty Swing-Hinged Flood gates

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RS 4-Sided Sealed Flood Doors

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RS Drop-Down Flood Barriers

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RS Flip-up Flood Barriers

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RS Self-Activating Flip-Up Flood Barrier

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RS Self-Rising Flood Barriers

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RS Glass Paneled Flood Barriers

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RS Window Cover Flood Barriers

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RS Stop Logs

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Company Overview Video

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Flood Control Asia RS Corp. provides products that are proven to have Quality — Made in Germany and are backed with 30 years of research on flood protection. Learn more about the company as German engineer and founder, Dr. Andreas Klippe, introduces RS and RS technology.

Product Overview Video

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Flood Control Asia RS Corp. offers a wide array of modern flood protection systems that are tailor-fit to the requirements of your buildings, residences, and offices. The RS Flood Barriers are specialized flood protection systems that are made with strict German technology. Get to know the Top 14 RS Flood Barriers!


RS Demountable Flood Barriers

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RS Demountable Flood Barriers are the flood barriers that can fit any structure. The structures they can protect include simple homes, business establishments, industrial buildings, fabrication sites, entrances. These barriers also flood-protect critical infrastructures like government buildings, educational institutions, subway entries, closure of a street or along a river or seaside. They can also be tailored to fit various structural forms like arcs, sharp corners, close rectangles and slopes. This type of barriers can flood-protect structures as high as 4.0 meters. They are also weather-resistant and are extremely durable.

RS Demountable Flood Barriers can be easily assembled when the need for temporary flood protection arises. During emergency situations, the barriers can be assembled single handedly. After the flood, they can be dismantled and stored in provided RS Storage Systems until they will be reused.

RS Lift-Hinged Flood Gates

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The RS Lift-Hinged Flood Gates are made of lightweight aluminum so they are easy to manipulate. Unlike heavy steel gates, these Flood Gates can easily be opened and closed because of their smooth lifting mechanism. Single handedly, a lone person can operate them within 15 seconds. RS Lift-Hinged Floodgates can be opened to up to 270˚ with or against the direction of flooding, making them ideal for vehicle and forklift entrances. RS Lift-Hinged Flood Gates are also perfect for wheelchair access because they do not require thresholds or ramps. 

 All components are durable and designed for extreme weather conditions. They are fully lockable and come complete with anti theft and vandal resistant features.

RS Flip-Up Flood Barriers

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RS Flip-Up Flood Barriers are highly innovative technology that can be operated automatically, semi-automatically or manually when there is a threat of flood. Automatically, it can rise through a connected alarm system; semi-automatically, it can be opened through a push-a-button mechanism. During power failure, a back-up system functions to allow the barrier to keep running. When not used, RS Flip-Up Flood Barriers can be recessed underground so as to provide unrestricted access to pedestrian and vehicle entrance. During flooding, it can be flipped up very fast — for only 15 to 20 seconds.

RS Drop-Down Flood Barriers

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RS Drop-Down Flood Barriers are the best sudden-flooding solution with No-Floor-Stop. They provide unrestricted access for pedestrians and vehicles to driveway entrances, doorways, basements or parking houses. These self-lowering barriers are designed for passageways that always have to be open and must be closed very fast in case of flooding. 

 Though RS Drop-Down Flood Barriers are designed to be fully automatic, they can also be operated via an operator turning a key. During power failure, the barriers can also be lowered down by means of a crank or an endless chain.