RS Engineering Assessment for Flood Control

Assuring that your property is evaluated correctly

Know your actual flood risk from the Flood Experts

With this engineering service, the actual status and all possible entrances of floodwater of your area is properly assessed. In this phase, you are given a proper recommendation based on the details we gather.

Advantages of RS Engineering Assessment

  • Provides you with a correct evaluation of your flood problems
  • Offers you with value engineering recommendation — you get the best quality for a fair cost
  • Affords you with long-lasting solutions for a lower cost

Will simply installing flood barriers save you from floods?

No. Installing just any flood barrier as a solution to flooding problems is not enough. In most cases, some civil works or rectification on the property must be first completed. Your property has to undergo a rigorous process to make sure that all sources of flood problem are identified and the proper flood solution can be applied.

We assess and give you the RIGHT solution to your flood problems

As Flood Experts, one of our responsibilities is to give you solutions to your flood problem. To come up with the best solution, we need to know the exact details of your area. You can be effectively protected from floods at a reasonable cost!

RS Engineering Assessment
Strategies and planning are done for your flood sources and protection

Uses of RS Engineering Assessment
RS Engineering Assessment is done so RS Engineers can:

  • Evaluate you flood problems correctly
  • Assess the flooded areas properly and set up the right solutions
  • Choose the flood control system that best fits your area

What may happen if you skip engineering assessment?

You may not notice some valuable details that are very important in setting up your flood protection. For instance, skipping the details on measurements and materials will result in a higher cost of installation. Scarier too is when the flood barriers are applied wrongly. Without engineering assessment, you create more problems rather than find solutions.


How important is Engineering Assessment?

Very important. It is the foundation of your flood protection solution.

Can I assess my area personally and just come out with a solution?

If you have expertise in that area, of course you can. Otherwise, you need an expert to assess the area.

Why can’t I just use the exact flood barrier that I want so I can skip the engineering assessment?

You can but we do not recommend it. One of the reasons for having RS Engineering Assessment is to evaluate the specific flood protection barriers that will fit your needs.

Why should I take the RS Engineering Assessment if I will have the RS Technical Inspection?

These two services are in a continuum. RS Engineering Assessment is the planning and preparation needed to gather all details necessary for RS Technical Inspection.

Why should I have the Engineering Assessment if I already know the flood barrier that fits my door?

Knowing what specific barrier you want is one thing and checking if it fits your door is another thing. RS Engineering Assessment does not stop when you finish choosing a barrier. We also check the feasibility of installation and consider all possible passageways where floodwaters may enter.

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