RS Maintenance Service

Making your Flood Barrier floodworthy anytime, any day!

Maintaining the floodworthiness of your product

With proper maintenance, your flood barrier will always be in good condition and ready for flood anytime. RS Maintenance Service will check all parts and components, making sure your product is ready to flood-protect you.

Advantages of RS Maintenance

  • Gives you confidence that your product is effective anytime
  • Provides you with an early detection of upcoming problems or damages
  • Increases the reliability of your flood control system
  • Helps you avoid an unexpected breakdown in case of flood emergency

What is floodworthiness?

A floodworthy flood barrier is safe and effective especially during extreme flooding situations. Floodworthiness should also mean that the flood barriers pass the required maintenance.

Would you like to make sure that your flood barrier is floodworthy?

RS Maintenance is all you need. In this service, you will have the confidence that you can use your flood control system, all the way, any day.

Uses of RS Maintenance

    RS Maintenance is done so RS Engineers can:

  • Prolong your flood barrier lifespan
  • Maintain your flood barrier’s effectivity

Proper maintenance can help you save lives and money

Not having proper maintenance can destroy your property and the people therein. Without proper maintenance, your flood barrier can be damaged. What if your dearest puppy or kitten is inside your house, swimming in floodwaters because the flood barrier cease to function? What will happen if the precious things inside your house or perimeter are damaged by flood?


How often do you conduct your maintenance service?

Normally this service is conducted once a year. In some special cases, especially after the flood, maintenance can be conducted for more than once yearly.

Can I skip maintenance like every other year?

We recommend that you have the flood barriers maintained regularly to ensure the effectiveness of your product and prolong the functional capability of your system.

Can we do the maintenance on our own?

Yes, if you are knowledgeable and experienced with it.

What if we didn’t take the RS Maintenance service? Would it void the warranty?

No, you will still have the warranty that comes with buying the flood barriers but not the extended warranty that comes when you avail of the maintenance service.

What other benefits do I get if I avail of your RS Maintenance Service?

You will have an additional year of warranty every time you purchase our yearly RS Maintenance Service.

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