RS Installation and Supervision

Installing your solution the German Way

Strictly following the German Work Methodology

Installing your flood control solution requires individuals that can follow high German Standards in Flood Control Installation. RS Engineers can follow Work Breakdown Methodology: proper leveling, alignment, fitting and installation. All these are done with strict German standards!

Advantages of RS Installation and Supervision

  • You will get expertise in installation of the RS Engineers
  • Ensures you that contingency is lessened because RS Flood Experts can predict upcoming problems on installation
  • Saves you more money for manpower because RS Engineers can install more efficiently
  • Makes you worry-free because RS Engineers can do site modification without voiding the product warranty

Guaranteed workmanship on installation

You are guaranteed with the RS Engineers’ workmanship and accuracy of work. Yes, others can install, but there could be a question with their workmanship and accuracy of work. With RS Engineers, you get the finest technique, idea, and solution for every problem. You are also assured of the methodology of work installation that follows the German way.

Quality work for RS Installation and Supervision

Rest assured that your flood protection barriers will be installed with no delays and problems. Strict work methodology is followed, leaving you with an effective flood solution that perfectly fits your property.

RS Installation and Supervision
RS Engineers supervised and install the product with proper technique and methodology.

Uses of RS Installation and Supervision

    RS Installation and Supervision is done so RS Engineers can:

  • Install the product using proper technique and methodology.
  • Supervise the installation using proper methodology.
  • Make sure that the warranty you have will not be void.
  • Ensure that no problem will occur in the product installation.

What if somebody installed your flood barrier from a different company?

For 100% guaranteed work, it is necessary that only those who have correct knowledge on installation shall do the work. This way, you will be assured that your flood control system is installed correctly in your property. Employing other workers who may lack the experience and ideas may contribute to the problem instead of giving you a solution.


For me to cut the installation cost, will it be possible if I just pay for one RS Engineer for supervision and personally get my own manpower (e.g. helper and foreman)?

It always depends on the need and the product order but yes, it is possible. Still, because installing requires skills or expertise that are already enhanced and developed by years of experience, we recommend that even the helper and the foreman will be coming from our side.

If the product was modified on site, will it lose the warranty?

Normally, the RS Engineering Assessment and RS Technical Inspection ensure that there will be no site modification. In case that site modifications are really needed, RS Engineers should supervise the modification so that the warranty will not be voided.

Will the Germans personally install the flood barriers?

If needed they will; however, RS Engineers in the Philippines were trained personally by the Germans, following all procedures and methodology strictly.

If the project is abroad, how do you tend to install the flood barriers?

We will send our RS Engineers for installation and supervision.

If I took a different contractor or installed the flood barrier by myself, will the warranty be affected or voided?

If the procedures or methodology are not followed based on the instruction or the products were used inappropriately, the warranty will be voided.

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