RS Technical Inspection

Ensuring that your area is installation-ready!

RS Technical Inspection for a smoother installation

This Engineering service will check all details like the measurement of the area, the materials of the structure to be flood-protected, as well as all possible data needed to ensure smooth installation. In this phase, you will be given a list of civil works to be corrected (“Punch List”). With RS Technical Inspection, you are assured that your property is structurally prepared for the installation of your flood control system.

Advantages of RS Technical Inspection

  • Saves you money and time
  • Helps you avoid unnecessary expenses on manpower and material
  • Provides you with proper work breakdown to avoid needless work
  • Ensures the accuracy of measurements in your property
  • Provides you with a better choice of flood barrier system

Working with no proper technical inspection

Without proper technical inspection, you get one of the following headaches:

  • Poor planning for your property
  • Longer waiting time for the result of technical details
  • Higher cost due to inappropriate material, manpower and contingency
  • RS Technical Inspection can save you from worry

    With RS Technical Inspection, you will be able to detect upcoming problems or obstacles soon enough before the project implementation. You will not only reduce the cost and work schedule but you will ensure a smooth workflow. This engineering service will help you relax and be free from worries.

    RS Technical Inspection
    Taking all detailed measurements needed

    Uses of RS Technical Inspection

      RS Technical Inspection is done so RS Engineers can:

    • Take all detailed measurements needed.
    • Check material details of walls, grounds, or pavements for installation.
    • Check any obstruction before installation of flood barriers
    • Gather data for work breakdown to be used for project implementation

    Technical Inspection is an essential part

    It is the backbone of RS Engineering Services. In this phase, you will be ensured that:

  • All measurements of the design and the layout to be used for fabrication and installation, respectively, are taken correctly.
  • All structural details for load integrity are checked.
  • All possible floodwater entrances are considered.
  • All of these are needed to be taken seriously to ensure you are protected from flood.


    Is Technical Inspection really important?

    Yes, because from this, you can have the necessary details and you can plan better. Efficiency is indirectly proportional to project cost.

    How does the Technical Inspection reduce my project cost?

    With a thorough inspection, you can analyze how long the installation takes. You can also determine the manpower required to achieve a smooth work transition. By Technical Inspection, you can avoid redoing the work, committing mistakes during implementation and incurring excessive cost.

    Can we just use the plan drawings instead of going to site to measure?

    Yes, you can use the plan drawings but it is much better and practical to have the actual measurements to avoid some discrepancy.

    Are only measurements important in Technical Inspection?

    No. Aside from measurements, we also check the structural parts, the location for the installation, the presence of obstructions, and the possible entrances for floodwaters..

    What are the other importance of Technical Inspection?

    You can check the actual measurements and can conclude what is the best flood barrier that fits your needs.

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