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Installing your Flood Barrier System Like a Pro

Properly using your barrier

RS RS-Training

RS Engineers will train you how to install and store your flood barriers correctly. With proper installation, you can assure that your flood barriers will work correctly. With correct storage, you can prolong the lifespan of your seals.

Advantages of RS Training

  • Gives you a better knowledge about your flood barrier system
  • Assures you with mental preparedness during actual flooding situation
  • Trains not only you but everybody in your vicinity who are capable of receiving training

It is too easy to install. Why should I need this training?

The things we take lightly put us in disaster. Installing a flood barrier is not as easy as it looks since there are very small details that are too important to ignore. RS Training will give you a great understanding, knowledge, and skills not only in installation but also in proper storage.

A good training for flood preparation

Having good training for flood preparation is a must. This will enhance your confidence and improve your overall performance when a flood emergency is right in front of you.

The training will not only focus on product installation but also on proper product storage. Having a training like this will play a significant role in product effectiveness.

USES of RS Training

    RS Training is done so RS Engineers can:
  • Help you familiarize yourself with the flood barriers that will be installed in your property
  • Provide you with a capacity to install the flood barrier without any instruction
  • Give you knowledge in properly storing your product.

Will you be capable if you don’t have any training for your product?

Perhaps, but typically no. There’s a technique for installing a flood barrier especially when there is a flood emergency. Are you confident that you will not have any mistakes for installation? Do you have the proper methodology? Are you equipped with sufficient knowledge for your product? These are the questions you have to consider.


Should only one or two people be trained?

Every member who is capable and always in the vicinity must participate during training.

What if I forgot the instruction on the training?

That’s why we need to train all people in the family or area capable of installing the flood barrier system so somebody will remind you what to do.

After a few months, can I ask for retraining? Is there a fee?

Yes, just give us a call and we will schedule. For the additional fee, we will submit a quotation for you.

How long does the training last?

One day is enough for this training. You will know all the techniques in installation up to proper storage of your product.

Should I just let my workers do the training?

Yes, but it would be better if you know also how to install and take care of your flood system

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