Resident from Cabanatuan Started Being Worry-free from Flooding

Before having been installed with the RS Flood Control Products, Mrs. Gloria Chua had always had a hard time dealing with the damages caused by flood.

Every time that the weather bureau would announce that a typhoon is about to hit the country, she always have to evacuate her furnitures to a higher location in their house.

This is due to the frequent incursion of flood water in their house whenever it is raining. Furnitures and other household materials were frequently damaged if they were not immediately secured.

After being introduced with RS Flood Control Products, Mrs. Chua immediately did some research about the company. She checked if there is an existing showroom, website, and actual product, and all those qualifications were met by Flood Control Asia RS Corp. she went to see the showroom and had been impressed how the product works through the actual product demo.

Now that Mrs. Chua’s establishment was installed with the RS Flood Control products, she can now enjoy a worry-free and flood-free rainy season. Rest assured that her house and furnitures are protected from flood!

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