You choose the size of the RS Flip-Up Flood Barriers

How the RS Flip-Up Flood Barrier is perfect for any entrance or open area

When you say flood, we say “how high?”

That’s because YOU choose the height of the flood protection that you need. The RS Automatic Flip-Up Flood Barriers can go up to 4 meters high and as long as 12 meters, you can even combine individual Flip-up Barriers to protect longer areas.

The RS Flip-Up Flood Barriers are heavy duty systems in any size. The steel material is combined with the RS 3-sided inflatable EPDM following DIN 18704-11, 6.6 surpasses durability tests in accordance with ASTM G155-05a and DIN 19569-4.2000-01.

“Size matters when it comes to flood protection!”

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What our customers are saying

Satisfied customers all over the world speak of their remarkable experience with the RS Flood Control products. The sense of safety and security for life and property in the midst of flood is of paramount importance to each and everyone.

“For me, it always speaks of how professional people are by the way they handle a particular product and the services that they offer. We felt that it’s very credible because it’s German technology so we might as well go for it.”

Marketing Manager
Quezon City, Philippines

“We decided to visit the company’s office in Clark and we were amazed by the different types of floodgates. The team showed how the RS Flood Barriers work in protecting the assets that we’ve worked hard for. I feel relieved now because we know that our house is protected against flood even if we’re in Manila, and away from home.”

Christian Peñaranda
Business Owner
Malolos City, Bulacan, Philippines

“Due to climate change, Qatar is now experiencing heavier rainfalls than before. Doha Education City is under threat of flash flooding. The barriers were put up semi-permanently at twelve (13) buildings during the rainy season, providing additional safety under severe weather conditions.”

Dr. Fadi Jomaa
Group CEO
Doha, Qatar